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Dear customers!

Are you looking for a professional, competent contact for the planning, execution and smooth running of a pianist transport in the Greater Bonn? Karsten transports are certainly the right address for you.

Here, a great deal of workforce, competence and specialization combine with many years of experience and in a continuing practice of sophisticated expertise. We offer professional services you can rely on!

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We started out as a subcontractor of a large Bonn piano house, which also performed piano transports and repeatedly entrusted us with it. In the course of many years we learned to master the necessary workflows of the professional piano and wing transport as well as all other heavy and special transports and have developed these to a highly specialized handicraft art form on an independent basis. As a result, we have been able to gather the greatest possible experience for efficient, individual, customer-friendly and safe wing and piano transport as well as to refine our skills more and more.
As experienced craftsmen, it is easy for us to dismantle railings, to transport the heaviest, bulging and valuable pianos, wings etc. carefully and precisely, or to secure wooden stairs before a crash. In addition to the usual transports or deliveries, we specialize in transports that are particularly secure and precise to plan or measure and to measure within buildings, such as private and commercial properties, and are always striving to provide you with the most effective, safe and secure service possible skillful transports. Our unrivaled modern, regularly maintained and versatile special tools help us – from special rope winches to a precision crane.

Our Car's

Our vehicles also form a special quality feature of Karsten transports, since they are equipped with all the latest technical innovations – right up to the latest innovations. These include, for example, an insulation panel made specifically for our transport types in the loading space, which prevents transmission of driving vibrations to the piano or the wing. In winter, the loader space is heated to avoid possible distortions of the piano strings due to temperature fluctuations and thus to preserve the current condition of your instrument on transports of any length and on different substrates. As we are able to do this easily and with pleasure in our work as well as in good time and price coordination with the customers, we have a highly satisfied customer base as well as a continuous influx of new customers, among which we would welcome you gladly. Our friendly staff is at your disposal by telephone or e-mail at any time.

Better caution than forbearance

Give your precious instrument / valuable material only in the hands of experts

When choosing a company for a pile transport, potential customers should not forget that not only the price should decide the procurement of the transport. This somewhat naive attitude can lead to unnecessary and extremely annoying damage to the instrument being transported by the desire to save money. Often, your grand piano or piano is your most personal piece of furniture with an irreplaceable ideal value, which to damage is equivalent to an individual disaster. Too often, we are informed when "the forwarding wing transports ... from Bonn", "the cheapest in the market", has damaged a piano during transport - then it means "Can you help us?" Come directly to qualified experts like us at Karsten transports. While we are moving in a price-higher segment than various direct competitors, we also offer you a corresponding value in the areas of craftsmanship, expertise and seriousness. We can promise you that you will be very satisfied with the price / performance ratio as well as with your unchanged piano at the end of the successful and safe transport.

Karsten transports

your partner for piano and wing transports in Bonn, Cologne and the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis

Karsten transports – your pianist transport or wing transport in Bonn – reliably, precisely and at fair prices! Please contact us if you want to cooperate with really qualified and experienced transporters. Your piano / grand piano will thank you!

All our pianos are doubly assured
1. Freight carrier insurance: If an accident occurs, the damage to the freight (piano & Co.) is insured.
2. Operational liability insurance: As professional activities are carried out on third-party land, damage to any property by a wing or pianist transport is insured as well.
We are enjoying new challenges and making the impossible possible, because we even transport where other transporters fail!

Music instrument transports

♦ Wing transports
♦ Piano transports
♦ Table piano
♦ Electric piano
♦ Harpsichord
♦ Organ
♦ Spinet
♦ Clavinova
♦ Free use of piano and wing benches as well as additional accessories

Special transports

♦ Safes, cash registers and weapon cabinets
♦ Serving cabinets
♦ Billiard tables
♦ Machines and printers up to 500 kg
♦ Aquariums
♦ Art transports (securing by wooden box)
♦ Bath tub
♦ Boilers, heaters and kilns
♦ Domestic appliances (refrigerators, washing machines etc.)
♦ Fitness equipment
♦ Antiques - wooden cabinets (solid wood)
♦ Medical apparatus and laboratory equipment
♦ Drinks and sweets
♦ Phone cells
♦ Optical tables
♦ Transport with external hoist, crane truck or forklift truck if required
♦ Supervision of piano houses and forwarding companies
♦ Courier trips

Additional services

♦ Professional piano and piano cleaning
♦ Disassembled and reassembled pianos with limited space
♦ Calculation, assessment and valuation
♦ Purchase of pianos and wings
♦ Instrument cleaning with compressed air (internal dedusting)
♦ Anti-mold sealing
♦ Storage of musical instruments (in air-conditioned rooms at 20 ° C and relative humidity of 55 %)
♦ Installation of piano roller blocks
♦ Proper packaging of the goods to be transported before transport by sea

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